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Bank by Phone

Banking by Phone

Toll-Free Bank by Phone:

Different from Mobile Banking, Access 24 Bank by Phone allows you to access account information, transfer funds, and pay loans with the keypad on your phone.

Access 24 Bank by Phone can be used with any mobile phone or landline and is available any time, day or night, any day of the week.

To access your accounts you'll need your member number and access code. If you don't have an access code already, contact us to get your code set up.

Access 24 Dial-in Numbers:

Local Bank by Phone: 972- 487-1234

Toll-Free Bank by Phone: 1-800-543-2827

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Helpful Access 24 Bank by Phone Tips

  • Your account number is different from your member number. Primary savings is account 01; most checking accounts are 02; Christmas Club is 04; and Vacation Club is 22. For other accounts, and loan numbers, please refer to your statement.
  • Enter the pound (#) key after member number, account number and dollar amount.
  • Always wait for Access-24 to repeat your transaction to you, then enter 1 to complete the transaction.
  • When entering dollar amounts, remember to enter the full dollar amount, including cents and omit the decimal point. Ex: $50 would be entered as 5000#.
  • Enter star (*) to go to the previous menu, when possible.
  • When making cross-member transfers, always remember account to account means from/to your membership into the other membership account.


Enter 1 for

  1. Balance
    1. Savings
    2. Checking
    3. Other
  2. History
    1. Deposits
    2. Withdrawals
    3. Dividends
    4. All
  3. Cleared Checks
    1. List of checks
    2. Specific check number
    3. List of checks on the selected account
    4. Specific check on the selected account
  4. Loan Inquiry
    1. Balance and payments on the line of credit loan
    2. Balance and payments on other loans
    3. Loan interest paid YTD

Enter 2 for

  1. Loan Payment
    1. From savings
    2. From checking
    3. From other accounts
    4. From loan advance
  2. Transfer
    1. Savings to checking
    2. Checking to savings
    3. Loan to checking
    4. Loan to savings
    5. To select accounts
    6. Select loan and account
  3. Cross-member transfer
    1. To membership
         1. Account to account
         2. Account to loan
    2. From membership
         1. Account to account
         2. Loan to account
         3. Account to loan
         4. Loan to loan
  4. Check withdrawal
    1. From savings
    2. From specified account

Enter 3 for

1. To select a different membership
2. Savings rates
3. Loan rates
4. Change access code