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Bill Pay

America's Credit Union Makes Paying Bills Secure and Easy

The most secure way to pay your bills electronically, directly from your America's Credit Union Checking Account, is through online Bill Pay. 

  • Schedule both one-time and recurring payments in advance.
  • Run payment reports and create custom reports from bills up to 12 months.
  • Set up E-Bill which will allow you to securely retrieve your bill from the payees' websites.
  • Arrange e-mail alerts for bill arrivals, due dates, upcoming payments, and when payments are made.
  • Make loan payments.
  • Request a compact disc containing a year-end report of bills and payments for a nominal fee.
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Bill Pay is Fast, Easy, and Secure

Setting up automatic payments for recurring bills and making loan payments is easy with America's Credit Union Bill Pay.

Set up automatic payments for recurring bills and make loan payments. It's quicker, easier, and more secure than writing and mailing paper checks.

You can make payments to utility companies, your landlord, or the landscaper. Set up recurring payments so you don't miss a due date and if you have loans at other institutions you can make those loan payments with ACU's Bill Pay too. 

To enroll in Bill Pay you'll need access to America's Credit Union's Online Banking and a Checking Account in good standing. If you already have Online Banking and a Checking Account, log in to Online Banking now to set up Bill Pay.

For reference: Bill Payment/EFT Disclosure

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Budgeting Your Savings

Paying your bills on time is easier when you have a good budgeting strategy. Using Bill Pay is a great first step to keeping your expenses in one easy-to-find location. Check out our free budgeting eBook to learn more about good budgeting habits and managing daily spending to increase your savings.

Full of budget templates and tips about creating a budget and tricks for sticking to it, this guide is essential for money management success. With some organization and a good plan, you’ll be managing your bills in Bill Pay and adding deposits to your Savings Account regularly.

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