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Are You Looking for Holiday Shopping Help? Here is a Checklist! Blog Feature

By: America's Credit Union on November 12th, 2018

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Are You Looking for Holiday Shopping Help? Here is a Checklist!

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Holiday shopping can sometimes be a tricky adventure. However, with the right tips and guides on how to make your shopping experience fruitful, you will not only avoid holiday overspending, but also help you get great deals on almost all of the items you are shopping for.

Here is a checklist of the various essential holiday shopping tips and holiday shopping tricks to make you a super shopper.

1. Know when stores are offering lucrative deals

If you want to have an awesome shopping experience, especially when holiday shopping on a budget, be on the look-out for the various discount deals offered by stores during the holiday seasons. For example, the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday, also known as Cyber Monday, is one of the best days in the year to shop because of the many great deals offered by stores nation-wide.

However, most retail stores offer customers attractive deals that last the entire holiday season. So, if you’re wondering what to buy on Black Friday, just get online and search for stores offering great holiday discounts. It will surely help your holiday spending and might even save you a trip to the store if they have the same sales online!

2. Plan beforehand/early

To make your holiday shopping easy and fruitful, start planning early. Begin looking at favorite sites now to see if there are any leaks for upcoming offers on sales. Create a list of the gifts you plan on buying and stick to it during the shopping day to avoid holiday overspending.

Having an organized list helps you to avoid confusion and blowing your budget, because temptations to buy things on special offer that are NOT on your list are high! It’s usually best to stick to what you definitely know you need and avoid impulse shopping during this time of year.

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3. Beware of deals that seem too good to be true

As it is said, when the deal is too good, think twice. There are many offers during the holiday season, but not all are as genuine as they sound. Deal with sites and retailers that you trust, or those recommended by friends and relatives.

For new stores, especially online stores that you suspect are having fishy deals, use verification sites such as TRUSTe to see if they are verified, or read up on product and service reviews online to see what other consumers have to say.

4. Compare shopping services and products

It’s important to research ways to save money when holiday shopping. Comparing prices from one site to another is one of the best ways to avoid holiday overspending because you will find the websites and stores that are offering more lucrative specials. 

Check the shipping costs across the sites, the shipping period, and the reviews of the site’s services as well as products by other previous shoppers. Great comparison shopping engines include Nextag, Google shopping, Shopping.com, Shopzilla and PriceGrabber.

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5. Find coupon codes

Coupon codes are a great way to making your shopping fun and fruitful. You can easily find websites that share coupon codes with shoppers. For example, ebates.com offers plenty of coupon codes for Walmart, Sephora, Amazon, Nobles, Best Buy, and more. These coupon codes will help you get free shipping deals, free goods and huge discounts on offer.

Also, to stay on top of all Cyber Monday deals online as well as information on offers and coupons for free shipping and discounts, visit sites such as CyberMonday.com or dealio.com.

This checklist for holiday shopping tips will get you going any time of the day. Follow it to the letter and you will see its fruits in no time.

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