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Forgot a Gift? Here are 8 Last-Minute Gift Ideas That Don’t Feel Rushed. Blog Feature

By: America's Credit Union on January 13th, 2023

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Forgot a Gift? Here are 8 Last-Minute Gift Ideas That Don’t Feel Rushed.

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If you find yourself racking your brain to come up with Last minute gift ideas before the holidays, it may prove comforting to know that you are not alone. Surveys indicate that upwards of 79 percent of gift buyers shop until the last possible day. The reasons involve being overwhelmed with work and family, inability to find the perfect gift, or simply procrastination. Whatever the reason you find yourself pressed for time, here are eight last minute gift ideas worth considering.

What to Consider Before Purchasing Last-Minute Gifts

With the holiday season fast approaching, everyday people sometimes succumb to pressure and purchase a not-so-great gift. In other cases, the “re-gifting” maneuver leaves people feeling anxious someone will remember that ugly sweater, gift basket, or jigsaw puzzle.

Before making a desperate move, take a breath and keep two things in mind. First, estimate the time it would take to have a present delivered from an e-commerce platform or another source. You want to make sure your gift arrives on time. Second, make sure the friend or family member will enjoy it thoroughly. Here are some great last-minute gift options that you can easily purchase, and get delivered to your friends and family.


1: Streaming Service Gift Card

There is nothing worse than sitting in a group of friends and talking about the latest binge-worthy show and not being able to participate because you are not subscribed to the streaming service it’s on. Gifting a friend or loved one a streaming service gift card for a channel you know they don’t have is a great personalized gift option. It shows the giftee that you took the time to remember what streaming service they don’t have. There are lots of streaming platforms emerging that serve general audiences as well as niche interests. Netflix, for example, churns out a wealth of different shows and movies. By contrast, Disney caters to more family-friendly entertainment. These are just a few of the more popular streaming channels that you can gift based on the recipient.

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Apple TV+
  • Discovery+
  • ESPN+
  • HBO Max
  • Hulu
  • Showtime
  • Sling TV
  • Vudu

The impulse to buy a gift card and let the person purchase something they like is certainly an option. But a specific streaming gift card feels far more thoughtful, and they are available at many retail outlets and e-commerce sites. The convenience of paying with a credit card also makes gifting a streaming service painless since the person you are giving the gift to can bypass the payment section and go straight to enjoying their streaming.

2: Plant Subscription

With many people now working from home, creating a relaxing, esthetically pleasing, and calming environment is more important than ever. A plant subscription ranks among the top gift ideas for gardening enthusiasts, as well as people living in apartments. The subscription involves delivering a wide variety of plants on a monthly or quarterly basis. They can be tailored for loved ones who do not necessarily possess a green thumb, as well as avid gardeners. The flexibility and convenience of giving a plant subscription along with the gift recipients' joy of receiving plants on their doorstep make this gift option a double win.


3: Coffee Sampler Subscription

If you offer a friend or family member coffee and they ask, “what kind,” that’s a telltale sign they take java seriously. In terms of Last minute gift ideas that appear planned, a coffee sampler subscription is a no-brainer. Local coffee roasters may offer online subscriptions that send out a “coffee of the month” pound or two. It’s also relatively easy to go online and review the mail-order options and select one that fits your budget. If your gift recipient is not a morning person or is someone who really savors their morning cup of coffee, you will win the “best gift” this year for sure.

4: Book of the Month Subscription

Time and time again we hear about the importance of reading, the ability to increase your creativity, improve your memory, and just become more open-minded and aware are all solid reasons to read no matter what your age. A book subscription is a great gift that you can tailor for different ages. If you are looking for an educational but fun gift for young loved ones, this is a great option. Many parents are requesting grandparents, aunts and uncles try to get educational or stimulating gifts this year and a book subscription seems like a great option.

It’s important to match the book subscription with the genres your friend or family member prefers. With that in mind, costs can vary significantly and some offer additional items such as cozy socks, knick-knacks, and other items. An internet search will turn up plenty of book subscription choices, along with the following popular options: Book of the Month, OwlCrate, Coffee & A Classic, Lillypost, The Book Drop, Page 1 Books, and Call Number.

5: Essential Oil Diffuser

Sometimes we all need a little TLC and an essential oil diffuser set gives the gift of self-care. Used in aromatherapy, they provide loved ones with a good reason to pamper themselves in the privacy of their own home. There are a variety of oils that are easily available online as well as some truly chic and beautiful diffusers that anyone would love to display. If you know someone who has a high-stress job lavender oils are a great calming option or if you know someone who could really use a good night's sleep, eucalyptus oils would be a solid bet. This is also a great dorm/apartment-friendly option as you don’t need to worry about flames and candles just make sure to get a plug-in diffuser. Giving an essential oil diffuser set seems like a well-planned purchase, even though it’s one of the savvy Last minute gift ideas.

6: Marshmallow of the Month Club

Yes, artisan marshmallows are a thing, and they have a club. That being said, this would be a deliciously quirky gift idea that inspires awe and wonder. Seeing the different flavors incorporated into a marshmallow would be a fun treat to enjoy every month. This is definitely something that most people would not buy for themselves, making this the PERFECT indulgence gift. Depending on the subscription you select, the recipient typically receives a variety of sweets that range from hand-crafted Graham Crackers to Gourmet Sipping Cocoas. If your loved one has a massive sweet tooth, this is the gift for them. They may need a dentist afterward, but hey, marshmallows are worth it.


7: Goldbelly E-Gift Card

If you haven’t heard, the internet has made it easy for you to travel the world through various methods. Food is no different. If you have heard and dreamed about a famous NY slice of pizza or a Chicago deep dish, well you are in luck. Now, no matter where you live, you too can experience a city, state, or even country-specific delicacies through services like Goldbelly. Foodies will be like kids in a candy store after receiving a Goldbelly gift card. In terms of Last minute gift ideas, you could literally set a Goldbelly e-gift card up minutes before guests arrive. The e-card can be charged to a credit card and customized.

You can add a message or photo before an email is sent to the recipient. This is a great option for someone you know who is homesick and living far away or for someone who may not be able to travel and you want them to experience some culinary treats. The money is downloaded into a shopping cart that allows the user to purchase food from a network of restaurants, delis, and bakeries.


8: Deep Tissue Massage Gun

If you asked 10 people around you if they wanted to get a relaxing massage, they would most likely say yes. Add the convenience of having access to a deep tissue massage at home and you have a gold-standard gift. Deep tissue massage guns are trending among gift ideas because they have become increasingly easy to use and relieve muscle tension. Massagers with multiple heads and settings can be purchased for under $100, making them a relatively budget-friendly gift. If you have a loved one who complains about tight muscles, an aching back, or sore feet, there’s no reason to wait.


Make Paying for Your Holiday Gifts Easy with a Visa Credit Card from ACU

With all the unique last-minute gift ideas available for you to get your holiday shopping done, make sure you have a reliable credit card on hand to ensure whatever gift or subscription service you decide on is ready for your loved one to enjoy. 

America's Credit Union offers Visa Credit Cards to fit your budget with low-rate options to credit cards that earn rewards. You can apply today to start getting ready for the busy holiday season or contact us if you have questions about which card is right for you. We hope you find these gift options useful and are able to find the perfect last-minute gift that’s thoughtful, light on the stress, and something your giftee will truly enjoy.


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