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6 Money Management Tools to Help You Succeed On Your Terms Blog Feature

By: America's Credit Union on August 23rd, 2022

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6 Money Management Tools to Help You Succeed On Your Terms

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Although access to debit cards, credit cards and online shopping platforms make life a little simpler, accurate money management has become much more complicated. Multiple accounts and payment dates can prove confusing. Finding time out of your busy schedule to get to our branches will likely not get any easier. Rather than allow your money management strategy to falter, embrace our modern-day solutions to stay on the road to financial success.


Money Management Tools For Every Lifestyle

It’s important to understand that people at different stages of their lives have unique money management needs. On-campus college students and career-minded people may not have access to their credit union lobby on a weekly basis. And busy families are too often juggling other priorities than sitting down to balance checkbooks or wait in line to make deposits. If you want to streamline your money management strategy, consider the following.


1: Digital Banking (Online & Mobile Banking)

Everyday people end up paying overdraft charges and late fees because they lose track of spending. Writing a check while out shopping and forgetting to enter it into a ledger can create a domino effect. One unaccounted-for check leads to utility and loan payments bouncing.

But digital banking, also known as online banking and mobile banking1, allows busy family members to stay on top of their finances. With easy access to account balances, check images, tax forms, customizable alerts, and the ability to transfer funds and pay bills, your busy lifestyle doesn’t have to change. Whether you are at home on your laptop or using your smartphone in the palm of your hand, managing your money is easy.

2: Digital Wallet

The number of people who use smartphones in America is expected to exceed 300 million by the end of 2022. Young adults and their comfort with technology remain a driving reason for the increase. With smartphone usage increasing and the use of actual cash decreasing, it makes sense to simplify your life by adding your debit card and credit cards to your smartphone’s digital wallet.

Utilizing  America's digital wallet2 can reduce the clutter you have to bring into the store and save you time. With no need for a wallet, and no need to open an app, buying what you need couldn’t be simpler.

If safety is your concern, rest assured that your card information isn’t stored on your device. The store never sees your card number, so hackers don’t either! With additional layers of security in place, have confidence that using  America's digital wallet is fast, easy, and secure.


3: Direct Deposit

Setting up a direct deposit for your recurring paycheck or social security check saves you time and money. Although we will miss saying hello, it’s no longer necessary to drive to our branches. Busy families must prioritize their time around work, making dinner, children’s homework, and getting them to extracurricular activities. Depositing your check should be the last thing on your mind.

4: Mobile Check Deposit 

Not every company offers direct deposit, and busy families often find adhering to drive-thru and lobby hours inconvenient. And college students with off-campus jobs may face a significant commute. America’s Credit Union is taking the driving and wait times out of life by offering Mobile Deposit. Simply download our “Americas CU” mobile app from your app store and take a photo of the front and endorsed back of the check using mobile banking. Depositing checks couldn’t get any easier.

5: eStatements

Receiving a monthly statement was once an opportunity to reconcile accounts. These days, it exposes people to identity theft. The information contained in a snail mail statement are pieces to a larger puzzle identity theft criminals use to steal money and leverage credit cards.

By contrast, a digitally secure eStatement can only be accessed by the person who knows the login credentials, passwords, and passes all security measures. Opting out of paper statements reduces the impact on the environment, protects your privacy, and allows you to review your statements faster.



6: Bill Pay

Losing track of monthly bill due dates ranks among the primary reasons people make late payments and damage their credit scores. With the credit card, utility, tax, and other bills the average American receives, it’s not hard to miss a deadline, get a late fee, and see your credit score take a hit.

Bill pay simplifies money management because it organizes payment dates and allows you to set up recurring payments and reminders. This convenient service is a must when you are trying to simplify your money management strategy


America’s Money Management Tools Can Help

Working families, college students, and people focused on their careers deserve money management tools to simplify their life. At America’s, we want to see our members succeed! Whether you prefer our online tools such as digital banking, or our other convenient money management tools, we have you covered.

1 For our online banking and mobile banking complete disclosure, please visit our Digital Banking website page.
2 Review our Digital Wallet Terms and Conditions.


Membership in America’s Credit Union is open to anyone who lives or works in Dallas, Rockwall or Collin Counties, Texas, and their family members. Employees of select employers may also be eligible. See our Membership page for details.

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