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Jewelry Theft or Loss During Travel Has Doubled, Study Finds

Posted by America's Credit Union on August 9, 2019

Tags: Identity & Fraud Protection | Home & School | Personal Finance | Life

More and more travelers are returning home missing something of significance, according to a national survey on traveling with jewelry conducted by Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group.

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Get Yourself Cyber-Secure

Posted by America's Credit Union on May 13, 2019

Tags: Home & School | Personal Finance

The National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) have teamed up to remind everyone that when clearing out clutter, don't forget about the critical need to take action and protect your volumes of valuable information.

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Americans Are Spending More on Pets Than Ever Before: $72 Billion

Posted by America's Credit Union on April 11, 2019

Tags: Insider | Home & School | Personal Finance | Youth News | Life | Budgeting

The American Pet Products Association (APPA) has released new annual industry-wide spending figures, which exceeded the previous year's spending by more than $3 billion. Americans are showing love for their pets as never before.

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The Most Popular Cars Driven by Millennials

Posted by America's Credit Union on April 4, 2019

Tags: Car Buying | Personal Finance | Life | Budgeting

What are the favorite vehicles among young adults aged 22 to 37 (millennials) these days? Online insurance marketplace QuoteWizard wanted to know the answer, so it surveyed millennials in all 50 states.

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The Impact of Taxes in Retirement

Posted by America's Credit Union on February 15, 2019

Tags: Home & School | Personal Finance | Investing & Retirement | Life | Budgeting | Savings Plan

A recent Nationwide Retirement Institute survey finds nearly two in five retirees (37 percent) admit they did not consider how taxes would affect their retirement income when planning for retirement.

As a result, they may have lost the opportunity to save an additional six years' worth of income in retirement.

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More Than Half of Americans Can't Cover a $1,000 Emergency with Savings, According to LendingTree Survey

Posted by America's Credit Union on February 6, 2019

Tags: Personal Finance | Savings Plan

Only 48 percent of Americans say they could handle a $1,000 emergency expense using cash or savings in their bank accounts, a survey from online loan marketplace LendingTree finds.

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How Long Do You Take for Lunch?

Posted by America's Credit Union on January 15, 2019

Tags: Personal Finance | Life

The lunch "hour" may be a concept of the past, new research from staffing firm OfficeTeam suggests.

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New Year's Resolutions: Top 10 Tips for Paying off Debt

Posted by America's Credit Union on December 23, 2018

Tags: Seasonal | Personal Finance

Following the revelry of the holiday season, many want to trim the fat from their waistlines, their spending and their debt (which can easily skyrocket during the holidays). As you enter the new year, consider the following tips to stick with a budget and rein in your spending to start paying off debt.

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Three Ways to Make the 52 Week Savings Challenge Work for You

Posted by America's Credit Union on December 17, 2018

Tags: Seasonal | Personal Finance

How would you like to save a total of $1,378 by the end of the year?

It’s never too early to start thinking about your New Year’s resolutions, especially after a busy month of holiday spending! For some, this might mean making goals to eat healthier, stop smoking, read more books, or lose some weight. For others — it’s all about saving money. 

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Need to Avoid a Holiday Spending Hangover? [7 Proven Ways to Feel Better]

Posted by America's Credit Union on December 5, 2018

Tags: Seasonal | Personal Finance

Oh, the holidays. The one time of year when even the most disciplined shoppers have trouble sticking to their budgets. But you don't have to begin the New Year in debt. Follow these simple shopping tips to stop holiday overspending, and prevent a financial hangover in 2019.

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