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Business Loans

Let's Build Together!

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Building a business takes a lot of hustle, grit, and knowhow. The business team at America's Credit Union wants to help you build your business by bringing our Business Loan know-how to the table to work for you.

From commercial equipment and real estate to all the little things needed to keep your company growing, ACU will work to develop a specialized Business Loan that's right for you.

All businesses, small and large, will benefit from low rates, excellent terms, and fewer fees than most other business lenders. We have a team dedicated to reviewing each Business Loan application and working to create loan terms that work for your business needs. 

Business Loan Features

Types of Loans

  • Equipment.
  • Real estate.
  • Non-Profit.
  • Commercial.

Loan Decisioning

You'll be involved in the conversation as the business specialist team reviews your Business Loan request!
Visit our Business Savings Account page to view a complete list of Business Services offered at ACU.
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Common Business Loans

Business Equipment Loans

If your business is growing and needs more equipment to expand, or perhaps you have dated equipment that needs to be replaced, ACU's Business Loans can help you get the new equipment you need.

As businesses grow there's often a need for new equipment and you might be thinking that buying everything upfront is more than you can afford. Talk to the specialists at ACU and we'll work with you to find loan terms that get you the equipment you need.

Business Real Estate Loans

With low, competitive fixed rates and terms for real estate, ACU can help you get your first building, expand into a larger building, or buy your next building. We offer commercial real estate financing in standard 5-,10-, and 15-year loan terms. If you have a larger project that requires unique terms contact us to discuss your plans.

Business Non-Profit Loans

ACU offers Business Loans for churches and other non-profit organizations. To discuss your non-profit business loan needs, contact us directly.

How to Apply for a Business Loan

To apply for a Business Loan you must be an ACU member already or complete the ACU Membership Application at the same time you're applying for the Business Loan. If you'd like a Business Checking Account, be sure to indicate that on the Membership Application.

A Personal Financial Statement will need to be completed and the following applicable documentation from the Business Loan Checklist. 

Business Loan Application Checklist

Personal Information

  • 3 years of tax returns for the borrower and all guarantors.
  • 3 years of accountant-prepared financial statements.
  • Resume of all guarantors and executive officers.
  • List of banking references.

Business Information

  • Current balance sheet and income statement.
  • 3-year proforma balance sheet and income statement.
  • Current aging of accounts receivable and payable.
  • A detailed listing of collateral being pledged.
  • Copy of any lease agreements.
  • Written business plan.
  • Copy of earnest money contract on all real estate loans.
  • Current year tax assessment receipt on real estate and business equipment.

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Apply for a Business Loan