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Enroll in Direct Deposit

We encourage our members with checking accounts to always enroll in direct deposit.

Direct deposit is safer, so you don't have to worry about stolen, damaged or lost checks. And with direct deposit, you don't have to make trips to your local branch to cash your check. Also, if payday falls on a holiday or weekend, you will usually get your money on the prior business day.

To Sign Up Your Employer will need:

  • America’s Credit Union Routing (ABA) Number: 311982435
  • To deposit to your Checking Account: Add the check digit located at the bottom of your paper check to your member number. 
  • To deposit to your primary share Savings Account: Add a single zero to the end of your member number.
Enroll in Direct Deposit
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How to Find Your America's Credit Union Account Number:


Check Image explanation

If applying funds as a split deposit, you will need to complete the ACU Allocation form, and submit the blue copy to ACU, the pink copy to your employer and yellow for your records.

Enroll in Direct Deposit
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Budgeting for Your Future

Let Us Help You Build a Budget for Any Stage of Life

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Full of budget templates and tips about creating a budget and tricks for sticking to it, this guide is essential for your future saving goals. With some organization and a good plan, you’ll be adding deposits to your Savings Account regularly.


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