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Other Services

Fee Schedule

Common Fees

Regular Share Savings

Special Savings




Club Accounts

Preferred Money Market

Ultimate Checking

JAMMS Checking

Business Checking

Visa Check Card-Debit Card

Wire Orders

Money Orders/Cashier's Checks

Automated Drafts

Overnight Mail

Loan Proceeds

Online Banking

Phone Banking


Bill Pay

Safe Deposit Boxes

Fax Fees


Common Fees
Membership Fee FREE
Account Research and Reconciliation $20 per hour
(min. 1 hour)
On-line Statement Copy (E-Statements) FREE
Statement Copy (from teller) $2 per statement
On-line History Copy (Online Banking) FREE
History Copy (from teller) $2 per copy
Non-Member Auto Title Work $25

Collection Item

Collection Item Returns

$25 per item

$35 per item

Instant Check Payment Processor $10 per request
Account Closure within 12 months of opening $10
Returned Statement $5.00
Replacement of Lost Teller's Check FREE
Stop Payment of Teller's Check $10.00 per check
Balance Inquiries and Transfers from a Teller FREE
Coin Service (rolled and loose) 5%

Account Levy or Garnishment

Dormant Account - No transactions within the past six months

Medallion Stamp, members only

Notary, members only

Verification of Account or Deposit


$5.00 per month of dormancy



Set by State



Regular Share Savings/Special Savings/IRA/JAMMS/JAMMS Jr./UTMA
Dormant Account - No transactions within the past six months $5.00 per month of dormacy
Reopen Account FREE
IRA Opening FREE
IRA Annual Administration Fee FREE
IRA Closing Fee (unless withdrawing early) FREE
IRA Closure within 30 days $25

Club Accounts
Christmas Club Withdrawal/Transfer
(January 1- October 31)
$5 per transaction
Vacation Club Withdrawal/Transfer
(September 1 - March 31)
$5 per transaction
Reopen Account FREE

Preferred Money Market
Balance $500 and up FREE
Dormant Account - No transactions within the past six months $5.00 per month of dormancy
Reopen Account FREE
Balance below $500 $3 per month
(for more than 3 non-check withdrawals per month)
Per Check (for more than 4 checks per month) $7

Ultimate Checking Account/JAMMS Checking/Business Checking
Ultimate Checking FREE
Dormant Account - No transactions within the past six months $5.00 per month of dormancy
Reopen Account FREE
Check Reorder (without reorder form) $2 per order
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Fee* $29 per check
Stop Payment Fee - ACH/Paper Draft
$20 per item or numerical order of checks
($25 after three stop pays in the past six months)
Stop Payment Fee-ACH only $10 per item
Automatic Overdraft Transfer**
$2 per check
Courtesy Pay (see separate brochure) $29
Check Processing
(check from non-ACU vendor that cannot be processed)
$5 per item
Returned Deposited Check $5 per check
Check Copy (through Online Banking &
Check Copy (from a teller) $2 per check
(after 2 free per month)
Temporary Checks $2 per pack
Check Inquiry (after 1 free per week) $2 per inquiry
Business Checking $5 per month
Returned 3rd Party Deposit Check to Business Accounts $10 per check

Visa® Check Card-Debit Card
Check Card-Debit Card FREE
Replacement $5
Expedited Replacement $60
PIN Reissue $2
Purchases FREE
Point-Of-Sale FREE
ATM Cash Withdrawals from any CU24™ Financial Network ATM FREE
ATM Cash Withdrawals from any SelectATM™ FREE
ATM Cash Withdrawals from any CO-OP Financial Network ATM FREE
ATM Cash Withdrawals from any ACU ATM FREE
ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee***
(outside the ACU, SelectATM and CO-OP networks)
2 FREE per month (after 2, $1 per transaction)
Check Card NSF* $29 per transaction
Automatic Overdraft Transfer** $2 per transfer
Merchant Transaction Copy Up to $18 per copy

Wire Orders
Domestic Bank Wire Transfer $15 per wire
International Wire Transfer (conversion fees not included) $35 per wire
Western Union® Money Wire $20 per wire
Domestic Bank Wire Transfer (incoming) $5 per wire

Money Orders/Cashier's Checks
Money Order $2.00 per money order
(effective 04/01/2013)
Cashier's Check $3 per check
Visa Gift Cards $3 per card

Automated Drafts
ACH Overdraft Transfer $2 per transfer
Stop Payment - ACH/Paper Draft $20 - $25 per item
   For ACH only $10 per item
ACH NSF* $29 per draft

Overnight Mail
For ACU loans and account transactions
Overnight Mail Market Rate****

Loan Proceeds
Cashier's Check (Loan Proceeds Fee) $1 per check
Wire Transfer $5 per transfer
Re-Order Loan Coupons $3

Online Banking*****
   Enrollment Fee FREE
   Monthly Fee FREE
   Check Images FREE

Phone Banking
   Enrollment Fee FREE
   Monthly Fee FREE

   Enrollment Fee FREE
   Monthly Fee FREE

Bill Pay
   Enrollment Fee FREE
   Monthly Fee FREE
   Transaction Fee FREE
   NSF Fee* $29 per item

Safe Deposit Boxes
Safe Deposit Box Rental (subject to availability)
    3 x 5 box $25 per year
    3 x 10 box $35 per year
    5 x 10 box $60 per year
    10 x 10 box $100 per year
Safe Deposit Box Lost Key Market Rate
Safe Deposit Box Drilling Market Rate
Safe Deposit Box Late Fee $10
Note: Cash in Safe Deposit Box is not insured.

Fax Fees
Local Fax $2 per fax
Non-Local Fax $5 per fax

 Other FREE Services
  • Internet Loan Application
  • Vehicle Purchasing Information
  • Real Estate/Home Equity Loan Application
  • Toll-free fax line
  • Toll-free phone numbers

*Includes returned ACH items, returned NSF checks, paid NSF checks, held funds returned NSF checks, and held funds paid NSF checks.
**Fee applies to overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, Bill Pay, or other electronic means.
***America's Credit Union has no control over fees that may be charged by other ATM proprietors, operators or networks, including fees charged for balance inquiries even if you do not complete a transaction.
****Based on carrier
Rev: February 15, 2019