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America’s Credit Union’s Free

Mobile Remote Deposit


Mobile Remote Deposit Capture gives you the freedom to deposit checks anytime and anywhere using your Mobile Banking App for iPhone, iPad and Android phone or tablet. Use this reference guide to learn how to easily deposit checks – saving you time and giving you faster access to your money.


Requirements for Using Mobile Remote Deposit Capture

  • A savings or checking account that has been open for at least 90 days and in good standing.
  • Be enrolled in Access 24 (phone banking) and be an existing ACU Online Banking user with an active status.
  • An iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet with internet access from either a WIFI source or 4G LTE network.
  • ACU’s iPhone app or Android app.
  • Proper Endorsement - endorse the back of your check with your signature AND underneath that write your member number AND "FOR MOBILE DEPOSIT ONLY AT AMERICAS CU.


Important Information

  • You must be an existing America’s Credit Union (ACU) Online Banking user to access the ACU Mobile App and Mobile Deposit.
  • Credit Union staff will review each submitted check as if it were being presented at the teller line.
  • Mobile deposits without proper endorsement will be rejected.
  • Deposits will not be given instant credit to your account. Deposits are only reviewed and approved on regular business days. Deposits are not processed on weekends or holidays.
  • The cut-off time for deposits via Mobile Deposit is 3:00 pm Central Time Monday – Friday normal business days.
  • Deposits submitted after 3:00 pm Central Time will be reviewed and if accepted deposited on the following business day.
  • Mobile deposits may be subjected to holds in accordance with ACU’s Funds Availability Policy.
  • Deposits will not be seen in online banking or mobile app transaction histories until the deposit has been reviewed, accepted, and posted to your account.
  • Deposit limits are $5,000.00 per deposit, and $5,000.00 daily maximum, and $50,000.00 30-day maximum.
  • Mobile deposits via regular checking accounts are Mobile deposits via Business accounts are limited to 5 free mobile deposit checks per month. Thereafter will be charged $0.50 per item.


Quick Tips for Using Mobile

  •  Save the original check for 60 calendar days after you receive your check deposit confirmation email.
  • If you have trouble with Remote Deposit, try closing open apps such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
  • Make sure to use Mobile Remote Deposit in a well-lit area to ensure that the check images are correctly captured.
  • Keep hands clear of the check when photographing. For best results, lay the check on a flat surface when taking pictures.
  • To avoid a deposit error, make sure that the check is not folded or torn.
  • Make sure that the entered check amount matches the amount on the check.


Registration for Mobile Remote Deposit Capture

  • Download our mobile app and log in using your Online Banking User ID and Password.
  • After you tap Check Deposit, choose to [Accept] the disclosure agreement.
  • Once you receive the email from us stating your registration has been approved you are ready to use Mobile Remote Deposit.


Using Mobile Remote Deposit Capture

Endorse the back of your check with your signature. Underneath your endorsement, write your member number and “FOR MOBILE DEPOSIT ONLY AT AMERICA’S CU”.


Start by clicking on the [Check Deposit] option.

  • Tap [To] dropdown to choose the deposit account.
  • Tap [Amount] to enter the deposit amount for the check.
  • If you have Auto Capture turned on the check image automatic captures the front & back of However, if auto-capture fails after 30 seconds, the app will suggest taking the picture manually.
  • To begin taking pictures of the check, select [Front] to activate the camera on the smartphone.
  • Line up the check correctly then select the device’s [Camera icon] to take a photo of the front of the check.
  • After tapping the camera icon, you will return to the Check Deposit menu to see a small image of the front of the check. Now select [Back].
  • You will then follow the same steps to line up and photograph the back of the check.
  • You will return to the Check Deposit menu to see images of both the front and back of the You can now tap [Deposit] to deposit the check to your selected account.
  • When you have received the “Success” screen, you may choose to have the confirmation number and deposit overview sent to your email.