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You’ve paid your loan on time, but sometimes things happen and you need some relief between payments. 

When to Consider Skip-A-Payment

  • Balance a month’s budget and get back on track
  • Cover holiday expenses for gifts, travel, dining, entertainment... so much!
  • Boost your cash on hand for a special vacation and related expenses
  • Catch up on other bills
  • Free up funds for any reason

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Skip-A-Pay Details

Important qualifications and requirements for skipping payments 1

  • At least six on-time, monthly payments must have been made prior to the first skip.
  • The skip request must be made at least ten days prior to the payment due date.
  • All accounts must be in good standing with the credit union.
  • Skip-A-Payment is not available for Mortgage, Home Equity Loans, Line of Credit Loans, Previous Holiday Loans, and Visa Credit Cards.
  • A $35 fee will need to be collected prior to completion of the Skip-A-Payment.

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