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Flexible Checking

If handling a checking account feels like a maze, we've got your back.

With our Flexible Checking, we can show you the way.  Our Flexible Checking is a fresh start to help get you back on track.  

  • Get help from pros on checking accounts and budgeting
  • Write as many checks as you want
  • Free Mobile & Online Banking
  • Free access to over 2,000 ATMs

Open a Flexible Checking Account

Flexible Checking

Flexible checking is easy to open and maintain
  • Open with $25 or more 
  • No minimum balance required
  • Available for members age 18 and over
  • $10 monthly service fee with direct deposit; $15 without direct deposit
  • Keep your Flexible Checking in good standing for at least 6 months and move to a Kasasa Rewards account
Keep your checking account in good shape with a strong budget.

Learn how with our free eBook.

Smart budgeting habits keep funds in your checking account for when you need them. Tips and tricks in our eBook will help you save for a one-time event or to get better at managing daily spending and saving. Get on the road to money management success!

Download our Budgeting eBook

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