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Financial Calculators

Financial Calculators

Crunch the numbers to find the best loan or account terms!

Auto Loan Payment Calculator

The best auto loan is an affordable auto loan!

Use our simple Auto Loan Payment Calculator to figure out price, term, and down payment. Adjust as needed and you’ll get to the monthly payment amount that fits your budget.

Auto Loan Payment Calculator

Kasasa Cash Calculator

Kasasa Cash — Reward yourself with a great rate!

How much can your earn with Kasasa Cash? It's the free checking account that pays higher dividends.

Our easy-to-use Kasasa Cash Reward calcuator will estimate how much you'll earn on your average monthly checking balance. You'll be pleasantly surprised!

Kasasa Cash Reward

Mortgage Loan Payment Calculator

How much house can you afford?

We'll help you find out with our Mortgage Payment Calculator. Try different loan amounts and terms to see estimated monthly payment amounts. Then let's talk!

Mortgage Payment Calculator

Share Certificate Calculator

Certificates are a great, safe way to save!

Find the rate and term combination that earns you more! Our Certificate Calculator will let you see how your earnings will grow.

Certificate Calculator

Kasasa Saver Calculator

Kasasa Saver accounts at ACU are one of the safest places to park your money!

There might be higher yields with other investments, like stocks, but there are also much higher risks. You could lose money with those!

No risk with a credit union savings account, though. When you have extra funds that you'll need in the future, you can rely on a savings account with us. Use our Kasasa Saver Calculator to see how your funds will keep growing... without ever decreasing!

Kasasa Saver Calculator

Home Equity Loan Calculator

How much of your home equity can you put to work?

Home equity loans are excellent for home improvements and other projects, big and small.

Our Home Equity Calculator can help show your financing options. Try different loan amounts and terms to see estimated monthly payment amounts. Then contact us about your loan!

Home Equity Calculator

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