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Credit Unions vs Banks, what's the difference?

  • Credit Unions are for people, not profit
  • Credit Unions offer the same products and services with better fees and rates
  • At Credit Unions the members profit not the stockholders

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Today, there are approximately 126 million members worldwide that are part of credit unions.

Eligibility to Join America Credit Union

  • Texas Counties - If you or a family member live, work. worship, or attend school within Dallas, Collin, or Rockwall County, we love the opportunity to serve you!
  • Springfield MO Select Employer Groups - If you work for Kraft Heinz, Don Johnson Tobacco World, or Commercial Metals Company, in Springfield, we love the opportunity to serve you!  See a detailed list of Select Employer Groups
  • Other Eligibility - If you are a family member of the Texas or Missouri eligibility groups, we love the opportunity to serve you!

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Credit Unions vs Banks

Here is the difference!

Credit unions are for the people.

Credit unions follow the model of people taking care of people, while banks tend to focus on satisfying their stockholders.

Credit Unions:

  • Each member who deposits money has a share of ownership
  • Members elect a volunteer Board of Directors to represent their interests
  • They are member service-driven
  • Return profits to members in a form of lower loan rates, higher savings rates and free or low cost services
  • Your deposit funds are NCUA insured up to $250K per membership type

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