There is nothing like an amazing RVing experience of hitting the road to explore new destinations. And whether you are a current RV owner or are dreaming of RV ownership in the future, the more you know about trip planning, choosing the perfect RV, proper maintenance, RV skills, and the financial management of your RV; the more you can experience the true joy of ownership. 

RVing is a Way to Make Memories

RVing done right is the perfect way to make cherished memories of good times traveling to special places with your favorite people! In order to ensure you make the most of your RVing experience, here are some tips to make your RVing trip the best it can be. 

1. Choose the Right RV

When choosing an RV, there are many things to consider. Savvy consumers should definitely do their homework to ensure they choose the right RV and consider everything from size and layout to interior and exterior features, cost, and ease of driving/towing. Consider all of these options (and more) based on your travel style and needs. For instance, those who like to explore might consider options for bringing along a car to get out and about and those who like to camp off-grid may consider an on-board generator.

2. Maintenance and Care

Keeping your RV in tip-top shape, so it’s always ready for your next adventure is key to maximizing your RV ownership. Nothing ruins the fun like RV issues while vacationing. Remember that regular RV maintenance and care goes a long way in keeping your RV in top condition. Things to consider include:

  1. Performing a thorough damage check each season
  2. Replacing the water filters, fill the propane tank, and maintain heating/cooling systems
  3. Securing all doors and windows when not in use to avoid leaks and pests
  4. Removing and storing chocks and levelers
  5.  Checking drain and fill hoses
  6. Ensuring your RVing toolbox has everything you need for a road trip
  7. Checking tires and engine

3. Plan your Travel and Exploration 

Planning your dream trip and crossing places off your Bucket List is one of the best things about RVing. The most important thing to consider when planning an RV trip is the season. RVing in winter months with slick roads or summer months if you have no AC can be challenging. Be sure to use all the high-tech apps and travel blogs available to help you plan your route, choose your campground, and create an itinerary everyone will enjoy.  

4. Build RVing Skills

While RVing might be a bit intimidating at first, once you build your RVing skills, your confidence will soar and you can make the most of your RV ownership experience. Learning things like the length, width, and height of your RV is an excellent place to start honing in on your RVing skills. With practice, you will develop skills on preparing your RV, recognizing blind spots in mirrors, braking, safe distances while driving, watching for tail swing, how far a tank of gas will get you… and more. Developing these skills will make your RVing experience a breeze.

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5. Be Strategic with Your Campground Selection

There are around 16,000 campgrounds in the US today. Fortunately, the internet gives an up close and personal look at all the locations, costs, local landmarks, pet friendliness, and amenities of the campgrounds. This makes selecting the right campground super convenient, so you can choose a campground that best meets your preferences and needs.

6. Create Comfort and Convenience Inside Your RV

Nothing relaxes the mind and soothes the soul like spending some time connecting with nature. Taking a hike in a state park, making s’mores around a campfire, or finding a site near your favorite lake and kayaking – that’s the good life and a major perk of buying an RV. RVing gives you the opportunity to experience nature in each place you visit and offers a view of the amazing scenery your travel offers like beautiful sunsets, a family of deer, or the chirping of crickets on a summer night.  

7. Join the RVing Community

Part of the fun of RVing is the camaraderie that comes along with it. There is a huge community of RV and camping lovers that can really add value to your RV ownership experience. Not only can these fellow RVers give you tons of insight into the best campgrounds, road trips, and sights to see, but there are also RV clubs to join, forums to participate in, and social gatherings to attend. Find the perfect RVing community for you with a simple internet search.

8. Enjoy Your RV Ethically and Sustainably

Be a responsible RVer and practice eco-friendly RVing practices. Remember the importance of leaving a positive impact on the environment and communities you visit by properly maintaining your RV for optimal fuel efficiency, switching to LED bulbs to save energy, adding solar panels, reducing waste at campgrounds by bringing reusable items versus ones you throw away, and leaving no trace of your visit.

9. Be Smart with Budgeting and Financial Management of Your RV

While RVing is a fun way to escape and explore your favorite destinations, it is not necessarily an inexpensive way to travel. It is important to budget for your RV ownership and travel expenses so that the cost is within your budget. Travel expenses add up quickly, and RV repairs are costly, so stretching your budget may give you more stress than fun. Try to save for all necessary maintenance, search for affordable camping sites, properly factor in your fuel expense, and cook onsite versus spending money at expensive restaurants to stay on budget.

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