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Routing & Wire Instructions

ACU makes moving money easy.

To move money into, or out of, your America’s Credit Union account electronically you’ll need to use our routing number and your account number.

  • ACU's routing number is 311982435.
  • ACH Fee: None.
  • Incoming Wire: $5.00.
  • Domestic Outgoing Wire: $20.00.
  • International Outgoing Wire: $50.00.
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ACH vs Wire Transfers

When it comes to making payments, speed matters.

ACH Transfers

When you electronically move money to and from your accounts using the ACU routing number and your account number you're conducting a transfer known as an ACH transfer (Automated Clearing House). Moving money this way can take up to a few business days to reach its final destination.

At ACU, we will make the funds that have been received in your account via ACH available to you on the date indicated by the originator.

America’s Credit Union Routing (ABA) Number: 311982435

Domestic and International Wire Transfers

A wire transfer moves money more quickly than the ACH method described above. Typically funds can be received in as little as a couple of hours depending on the processing speed of the institutions or entities sending and receiving the money. Because of the more efficient processing method, there is a $5.00 incoming wire fee to receive a wire transfer. Funds that have been received in your account via a wire transfer will be made available to you immediately.

To send a wire transfer from your ACU account please contact us at 972-494-5328 or visit one of our branch locations. Wires greater than $10,000 will require a visit to a branch.

To receive a wire transfer into your ACU account you will need Routing/Transit (ABA) number 311982435. For Credit To: Member's name and account number with suffix (so it will post in a specific account).

man on tablet setting up an ach payment