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Enjoy Extra Spending Flexibility with an ACU VISA® Credit Card

  • Visa Classic Card, perfect for everyday use or special purchases
  • Platinum Card, for extra buying power
visa offers the best rewards credit card and low interest credit card through america's credit union pictured woman purchasing items with a credit card

Select the card that best fits your lifestyle! In a hurry for your card? Check the status of your application today.

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Secured Credit Cards are available upon request. Apply for the card of your choice and then let the Member Service Representative who reaches out to you know that you'd like a Secured Credit Card.

*ACU Credit Card Agreement and Disclosure Statement for your VISA® card.

Credit Card Rates
Loan Type Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
VISA® Platinum
VISA® Classic
Effective July 25, 2022
Loan Type

VISA® Platinum

Annual Percentage Rate (APR)


Loan Type

VISA® Classic

Annual Percentage Rate (APR)


Effective July 25, 2022

Credit Cards

America's Credit Union has the best credit card for your needs!

America's Credit Union puts the power of payment versatility in your hands. Whether you’re on vacation or a trip to the grocery store, enjoy quick, convenient access to your available credit limit, no balance transfer fees and local servicing.

You’ll also enjoy interest rates lower than most bank and department store cards, saving you money every month. 

  • No annual fee.
  • No cash advance fee.
  • No balance transfer fee.
  • EMV chip technology.
  • Set-up automatic payments from an ACU account, make payments using ACU online banking, or stop by your nearest ACU branch.
  • Convenient, local card servicing right at ACU.


Credit Cards are also good for building or repairing credit. If you're looking to improve your credit, using a Credit Card with a low, fixed Annual Percentage Rate (APR) responsibly can be a great strategy.


america's credit union has the best credit cards for you image man on his phone paying with his credit card

Which Is The Right Credit Card For You?

Apply now and a Member Service Representative will be in touch to ensure you're getting the best card!


Platinum Card


Credit Lines starting at $5,000


Classic Card


Credit Lines from $500 - $4,999

Find the Best Credit Cards: Build Credit and Stay Out of Debt

In the ever-changing financial world we live in today, credit cards seem to have somehow gotten a bad reputation.

But when they are used wisely, credit cards can offer some helpful perks that can be beneficial to your financial situation.

Not only can credit cards offer tools to help you better manage your money and finances, but if you choose the best credit cards, they can also help you increase your credit score, provide protection on big-ticket items that you purchase, and even help to reduce your travel expenses with the variety of reward programs offered to cardholders.

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